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I made this sci-fi arcade flying game (physics multiplayer game) made in Unreal Engine 4.

The golden days for them: 1994-2001 – Descent, Crimson skies, starlancer, X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, Freespace and of course Wing Commander.
I miss those games, so I have to make them meself. I then tried and got this little alpha out of it.

Onedrive link – Wing FX alpha 0.2 – 922 mb

LAN only, then you can try it against friends, brother, sister or girl/boyfriend and it is only Windows version – Keyboard and mouse.
Netcode is what I have a hard time with, so could be cool and get some support for it.

I have only made the core functions, and the visual must come later, Probably also what come most easily to me. Work with 2D and 3D.

Come with Feedback, ideas and more here + that would be where the news probably comes first.

Support me on

I will be happy too see you on youtube or discord.

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